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Alex Anglis - Vocals

Brenden King - Drums

Chris Persaud - Lead Guitar

Jake Glenn - Rhythm Guitar

          Before I Turn is a metal band hailing from Hartford County, CT.

I have always been intrigued with the concept of someone or something turning into something monstrous. Be it "turning" into a vampire, a werewolf, a zombie; anything. This lead to me and my brother (ex-guitarist) naming the band "Before I Turn". After the release of our debut EP "Imposter", we found ourselves unsure of where we wanted to take our band. We had put together songs best we could, however we felt as though the driving force of what makes a band, a band was not present. What would make Before I Turn, Before I Turn?

It was at this time I started listening to local band from CT at the time, Currents. Along with them, I started listening to bands like Shokran, Born of Osiris, and other bands that brought together oriental influences. Finally, I have always been heavily inspired by the story-telling lyricism of Shawn Milke & Dennis Lee of Alesana. At this time we had finally figured out the ingredients for the "recipe" that is now Before I Turn. We started writing music with the "djent" and groove of Currents, working alongside their guitarist, Chris Wiseman, along with the oriental atmosphere of Shokran and Born of Osiris, and finally combining it with the story-telling of Alesana. Before I Turn found its identity. 

We came out with our debut album "The Virus" in 2016 with our ex-vocalist Jonah. We still remain good friends with him. The summer after its release, we had to go through a few lineup changes until we found the lineup that we have now, what I like to call the dream team. Brenden King is our drummer, a phenomenal person to work with who also built our tour bus from top to bottom. Chris Persaud, one of two of the original members left (along with me) has always been a blessing to work with. We have always been on the same wavelength musically, and seem to write the same things. Jake Glenn, our rhythm guitarist joined last year, and has helped a lot with his exceptional rhythm, and mechanical skills to help keep our bus up and running. 

Following the release of The Virus, we went through a darker phase as we experimented with influences drawing from bands like Sworn In, Barrier, and Traitors. However following the releases of "Solitary Forever" and "Paralysis" we realized these songs did not resemble what we set out to become after releasing "Imposter". It was at this time that I was listening to Motionless In White, and at the same time I had always wanted to make a concept album like Alesana's Annabel Trilogy. I had dug up a story that I had been writing since 2010, and with the help of influences from Alfred Hitchcock, H.P. Lovecraft, and the phenomenal TV show, Bates Motel, I finished the concept of what has become, Claustrophobic; our sophomore and most recent album release. While keeping oriental vibes, we incorporated haunting vibes, such brought out by Motionless In White and Sworn In's All Smiles. 

In 2019 we begin pre-production on our third full-length.

Thank you to anyone who has ever listened, picked up an album, an item of merch, or seen us live. You are the reason we keep doing what we do.

We hope this has given you insight on our band, and where we plan on going.

With love always, 

Alex & the BIT boyz

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